Reversible swimwear of high quality and made of a beautiful, sustainable fabric.

At Savara Intimates, we offer a stunning collection of sustainable swimwear. In addition to being made from sustainable fabric and ethically produced in Europe, our unique feature is that all our swimwear is reversible. This means that our bikinis and swimsuits don't just come in one color, but two! Not only does this provide more variety and enjoyment with one item, but it also ensures comfort. Our swimwear is designed without seams that cut into your skin; instead, we provide double layers of high-quality fabric that feel like a second skin. At Savara Intimates, style, sustainability, and comfort go hand in hand, making our swimwear a must-have for anyone seeking carefree enjoyment.

Discover Sustainable Swimwear
  • Savara Intimates | Reversible Bikini

    Reversible Swimwear

    Switch Up Your Look Effortlessly with Double-Sided Design Swimwear; Bikinis and Swimsuits.

  • Savara Intimates | Comfortable Bikini

    No Seams

    Experience Seamless Comfort with Swimwear that Feels Like Your Second Skin.

  • Savara Intimates | Adjustable Bikini

    Adjustable Straps

    Customize Your Comfort with Adjustable Straps and Closures on our Bikinis and Swimsuits.

You are looking for swimwear that feels like a second skin

Imagine the frustration of scouring countless stores and online platforms in search of the perfect high quality swimwear, only to be disappointed time and time again. The fit isn't right, the material feels uncomfortable, or there simply isn't an option that meets your ethical and sustainable standards. It feels like an endless quest for a needle in a haystack.

You want to wrap yourself in high quality swimwear that not only fits perfectly but also feels like a second skin. A piece that supports you while allowing you to move freely, and one that can be proudly worn due to its sustainable nature.

But time and again, you come up empty-handed. Fast-fashion chains offer cheap options, but they often come with a hidden cost to people and the environment. And while some sustainable brands promise eco-friendly products, they often miss the aesthetics and functionality you're looking for.

It's a dilemma many of us know all too well. The desire to look and feel good in swimwear without compromising our values and comfort.

But what if I told you there's a solution? A brand that understands what you're looking for and caters to all your needs. A brand dedicated to creating swimwear that not only fits perfectly but also feels like an extension of yourself. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, our pieces offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and responsibility.

With our craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability, we bring you swimwear that not only fits perfectly but also feels like a second skin. So why settle for less? Join the sustainable fashion revolution and discover the true meaning of swimwear that feels like your second skin. With Savara Intimates, you never have to compromise again.

I Want This!

Why should you choose our sustainable swimwear?

♥ Reversible Swimwear
♥ Sustainable Fabric
♥ High Quality
♥ Ethically Made in Europe
♥ Adjustable Straps
♥ Comfortable with Soft Fabric
♥ Sun Protection UPF 50+
♥ Resistant to Chlorine and Salt Water

Time for change

No more disappointing swimwear of poor quality. You want top quality sustainable bikinis and swimsuits that makes you glow!

Savara Intimates | Reversible Bikini

Reversible bikini and swimsuit

Our sustainable bikinis and swimsuits are reversible. The bikinis and swimsuits have a double-sided design, so you can easily switch between two beautiful colours. Turn the bikini or swimsuit inside out and enjoy a new style. This means that with one bikini or swimsuit, you have multiple style options for different days at the beach or by the pool. By choosing a reversible bikini or swimsuit, you not only reduce the need for multiple bikinis or swimsuits, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Less clothing means less production and less waste, which is good for our planet.

Sustainable Fabric

Our sustainable swimwear is made from the highest quality European fabric, resulting in a combination of quality, comfort and durability. The fabric is produced in Italy and is made from recycled materials, such as old fishing nets and plastic waste from the ocean and consumer plastic waste, such as PET bottles. Basically, from plastic waste from the ocean to a beautiful, sustainable swimwear.

Savara Intimates | Comfortable Swimwear

Comfortable Swimwear

With our reversible swimwear, you'll experience unparalleled comfort as there are no seams directly against your skin. This ensures that you won't have to worry about seams digging into your skin, allowing you to enjoy your time in the water without any discomfort. Additionally, our fabric is luxuriously soft and drapes perfectly over your skin, providing a sensation of ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.

Savara Intimates | Customisable Swimsuit

Customisable design

Every body is unique and has its own fit. That is why our sustainable bikinis and swimsuits are designed to enable the perfect fit for you. Our bikini tops have adjustable straps and closures, so you can adjust the top to your own size and comfort. Also, with the Lovelli bikini it is possible to wear the top in 8 different ways! So there is always a style for you.

Our comfortable swimsuits have adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to adjust the length of your swimsuit. Therefore, our swimsuits are also suitable for women with longer or shorter upper bodies.

Limited Edition

Our eco-conscious swimwear is of high quality. To ensure quality, our swimsuits and bikinis are made with attention. Also, at Savara Intimates, we believe it is important to sell every item and not keep any remaining stock. That is why we produce in small quantities. This reduces the risk of being left with remaining stock and thus wasting our items, but it also ensures that you are wearing a unique bikini or swimsuit that has been made with care.

Ethically Made

The swimwear is ethically made in Europe. We combine production in Romania with production in Spain. We have several reasons for choosing production in Europe. One is to reduce transportation of our products. We want to keep everything as close as possible so that there is as little transportation as possible from, for example, the fabrics and the accessories, but also the swimwear to us. In addition, the quality in Europe is incredibly good and we can also guarantee the quality by controlling the production.
The factory in Romania is managed by women and 95% of the 200 employees are female. The factory has 20 years of experience and it's rated A by the Business Social Compliance Initiative, meaning they're audited yearly and they score exceptional in how they take care of their employees and also the environment.

  • Say goodbye to...

    • Lumpy Fabric
    • Seams that Cut Into your Skin
    • Salt & Oil Stains
    • Burning Through your Swimwear
    • Swimwear that is Unethically Produced
  • And you will...

    • High-Quality Fabric
    • Comfortable without Seams
    • Resistant to Chlorine and Salt Water
    • Sun Protection UPF 50+
    • Ethically Produced in Europe
    • Durable and Long Lasting
    • Reversible

Review From a Customer

Lovelli Bikini Top - By Annoeska
"The bikini is made of a very soft and smooth fabric, which makes it feel very soft on your skin. The bikini top held up very well during my holidays. What I like the most is that you can wear it in different ways, which means that you have not just one but about 5 bikinis with you!"



Can I return my order?

Yes, returning is easy, following just 2 steps: Returns & Exchanges.

I have some fitting issues. Can you help?

Absolutely. Please visit our Fitting Room.

I would like to know more about the environmental impact and efforts. Where can I find this?

Our favorite question because we love to tell you more. Please visit our Sustainability page

How do I take care of my swimwear?

Please visit our Wear & Care page for some care advice.

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♥ You Want to Glow in Sustainable Swimwear
♥You Want Comfortable Swimwear
♥You Want Swimwear that You can Customize to Your Unique Body.
♥ You Want the Fun of Reversible Swimwear
♥ You don't want to sunburn through your swimwear.

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Savara Intimates Swimwear

With our eco-friendly swimwear, you make a conscious choice for both the planet and yourself. Enjoy the sun, sea and beach with our high-quality reversible design. Discover the possibility of two beautiful styles in one.

Order your sustainable swimwear today and discover the perfect combination of style, comfort and responsibility.