Sustainable Swimwear

In addition to sustainable lingerie, Savara Intimates also offers sustainable swimwear. Our sustainable swimwear is of high quality and made of a beautiful, sustainable fabric. Like our lingerie collection, the swimwear collection is designed with women in mind. The bikini tops are adjustable to ensure comfort and elegance. Discover our sustainable swimwear collection now.

Why should you choose our sustainable swimwear?

Savara Intimates | Sustainable bikini

Sustainable fabrics

Our sustainable swimwear is made from the highest quality European fabric, resulting in a combination of quality, comfort and durability. The fabric is produced in Italy and is made from recycled materials, such as old fishing nets and plastic waste from the ocean and consumer plastic waste, such as PET bottles. Basically, from plastic waste from the ocean to a beautiful, sustainable bikini.

Limited Edition

Our sustainable swimwear is of high quality. To ensure quality, our bikinis are made with attention. Also, at Savara Intimates, we believe it is important to sell every item and not keep any remaining stock. That is why we produce in small quantities. This reduces the risk of being left with remaining stock and thus wasting our items, but it also ensures that you are wearing a unique bikini that has been made with care.

Customisable design

Every body is unique and has its own fit. That is why our sustainable bikinis are designed to enable the perfect fit for you. Our bikini tops have adjustable straps and closures, so you can adjust the top to your own size and comfort. Also, with the Lovelli bikini it is possible to wear the top in 8 different ways! So there is always a style for you.

Savara Intimates | Reversible Bikini

Reversible bikini

Our sustainable bikinis are reversible. The bikinis have a double-sided design, so you can easily switch between two beautiful colours. Turn the bikini inside out and enjoy a new style. This means that with one bikini, you have multiple style options for different days at the beach or by the pool. By choosing a reversible bikini, you not only reduce the need for multiple bikinis, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Less clothing means less production and less waste, which is good for our planet.

Choose sustainability, and glow in our sustainable swimwear

With our sustainable swimwear, you make a conscious choice for both the planet and yourself. Enjoy the sun, sea and beach with our high-quality reversible design. Discover the possibility of two beautiful styles in one sustainable bikini.

Order your sustainable bikini today and discover the perfect combination of style, comfort and responsibility.

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