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Producing with a clean conscious is vital for our planet and people. We care about our impact and we strive every day to improve our contribution. Read more about our sustainability practices below. 



We source innovative, environment friendly fabrics. TENCEL™ fabric is made out of renewable raw material; wood pulps. Eco Soft technology is used in order to make the fabric exceptionally soft while having a shine. The fabric is made without harmful substances and is therefore certified with STANDARD 100 - nr. 1 by OEKO-TEX®. It also has the EU Ecolabel due to its significant lower environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle. The trees used for the fabric are coming from sustainable plantations. We source fabric in the specific amount of meters that we need, so we create minimal leftovers.

We combine this with fabric surplus (lace). These are surplus from other factories because they often need to buy fabric in huge amounts (per 1000+ meter) and finish not all of it, or miscalculations are made. By estimation, 40% of the world fabric production is wasted before it turns into garment. We use surplus fabric in order to minimize this waste, besides the fact that these fabrics are often gorgeous!


Design and sizing system

Our designs are in-house created with care in The Netherlands. The design of our lingerie is versatile. Strap options give the opportunity to create complete different looks. It can be combined with different clothing types and it can be used in different occasions.  

With our sizing system, multiple traditional cup sizes come together in one size. Having some fluctuations in size due to hormons or weight lost/gain will be all fine. No need to buy a new item, because the fabric will embrace your size. In this way you can enjoy your items more often and better, so we can prevent overconsumption together. 


The lingerie is locally made with love and  care in The Netherlands. We keep production in-house, so we can control the quality and environmental impact. Moreover, we minimize the transportation, waste of materials and redundant stock. Our production runs are very small and focussed on quality. 




We limit the use of packaging materials to the amount that is really necessary to bring the items with good care to you. The package consists of a cardboard box and tissue paper on the inside for extra protection which are both recyclable. Our stickers are part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance of Noissue. They are made from FSC certified paper, printed with soy-based ink and they are acid free. Our tags are made from FSC-certified paper as well. 


Compensating CO2

By producing garments and delivering them, we indisputable have an impact on our planet. With our practices we try to minimize this impact and we compensate for the impact that is still there. Therefore we make a donation to One Tree Planted for each piece sold so they can plant one tree every time.



We constantly improve and we love feedback. For tips and questions, feel free to contact us.