Our story

Savara means glowing from within. We support this natural glow by creating sustainable lingerie. By doing so, we're creating a bra revolution to make the planet smile. 
We realize this with socially responsible production, sustainability in the heart of our business and truly transparent communication. Read more about our impact details here:

We work together with young, talented women, mostly in the start of their (new) career. We work with 20+ female freelancers, influencers, interns and professionals yearly. In doing so, we hope to inspire others to lift each other up and believe in new talents. We bring this great energy into our designs.


'The designs are not finished until we see an instant smile on the face of the women wearing it'

Therefore, for every piece that is created, we have the women wearing it in mind. We design with a clean conscience and that means no compromises on fit, quality, our people and the earth. 


Behind the brand

'Wake up, shower, walk to my underwear drawer and the challenge starts. Which bra will fit my clothes? Which one has no stabbing wires yet? Which one fit me this moment of the month and is also charming so I don't have to cover it up? What kind of material is this, which makes me all sweaty after biking to the office? Why do my sisters still have the same issues?'


I'm Eva van Schijndel and these are the questions that popped into my mind every morning. I just graduated from University and I tried hard to stay focussed on my job. However, I questioned myself every day if I was doing the right thing. I have the strong belief that it's possible to create anything you want and I felt that lingerie struggles could (and should) be different. I daydreamed about starting a company with a positive impact on the world, in which I could create something beautiful. One night I drew some ideas and started sewing. I was blown away by the energy this gave me and that is where Savara intimates started.

Following my intuition, having a clean conscience is vital for me. Fair wages, good working conditions and sustainable materials are minimal requirements for me. Together with great freelance women, we run Savara Intimates. 


Watch the video that the Eramus University made about Savara Intimates in 2020.