Sustainable lingerie

Launch March 11.

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We're creating a bra revolution to save the planet together

One of a kind designs

The designs are created in The Netherlands with great care of quality, fit and functionality. The pieces are limited editions, authentic and they are made to instantly turn a smile on your face. The bralettes are made to support you, so you can wear it during day and night. 

Sustainable, local

We source environment friendly fabric: TENCEL™, made out of renewable wood pulps. We combine this with fabric surplus from large factories in order to minimize fabric waste. The production is in-house in The Netherlands, so we can control the quality and environmental impact.


The collection is based on the needs of real women and their daily, unnecesairry struggle with lingerie. The sizing system and design allow size fluctuations within one bra, preventing overconsumption. Most importantly, the collection tackles industry standard that are destructive for human and nature. 

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