Adjustable size system

'What is my bra size?' - Sounds like an easy question, but it can be very hard to get it right.

In a woman’s life, the bra size changes up to 15 times due to weight loss and gain, periods, pregnancy, menopause etc. Therefore, with the mainstream bra size system, it’s clear that we need to buy bra’s over and over again. It actually seems like the system is created for overconsumption. However, we think it’s just not right so we created an adjustable bra system.

At the back of every bralette, you find the closure system like the one in the picture.

When ordering, you decide which length you need according to your normal underbust size. We make sure you have space left to increase and decrease the underbust size with the strap on the back.


And the cup size? It’s made out of stretch fabric, creating some space for size fluctuations. We don’t say it will still fit for major size changes, but it’s definitely a start. And when you want to create a new look, you can just add different straps to the bralette.

While allowing size fluctuations, the bralettes will be suitable for wearing much longer than average. Are you ready for a bra revolution? Check out our bralettes with the adjustable size system.