Our sustainability: Fabric choice

Sustainability is a word that has no meaning without explanation. Many decisions are invisible for consumers while they can be very significant in their impact. Therefore, we will regularly explain parts of our sustainability practices on our blog in order to give you insight in our process. First up, one of the most important things: Our fabric choice.
Part 1: New fabric 
In order to keep our collection going, we need reliable, high quality, but most importantly, eco-friendly fabric. We decided to work with TENCEL™  fabric.
This innovative fabric is made out of renewable raw material; wood pulps. Eco Soft technology is used in order to make the fabric exceptionally soft while having a shine. The fabric is made without harmful substances in Turkey- Europe, and is therefore certified with STANDARD 100 - nr. 1 by OEKO-TEX®. With this certification, the process is checked regularly by independent auditors. The fabric also has the EU Ecolabel due to its significant lower environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle. The trees used for the fabric are originated from sustainable plantations.
We source fabric in the specific amount of meters that we need. For example, there are manufacturers that sell fabric in multiples of 1000 meters. This might be the most economical way to do it, but massive amounts of fabric leftovers are the result of this system. Therefore, when we need 150 meter, we buy only 150 meter. In this way, we create minimal leftovers.
lace leftover
Part 2: Up-cycled fabric 
The beautiful lace we use is all the results of surplus coming from big factories. These left-over are the result of the system explained above (they often need to buy fabric in huge amounts (per 1000+ meter) and finish not all of it), or miscalculations are made. By estimation, 40% of the world fabric production is wasted before it turns into garment. We use surplus fabric in order to minimize this waste, besides the fact that these fabrics are often gorgeous! Mostly we have left-over fabric between 20-200 meters which we up-cycle in our collection. Our items are often limited in quantity, because we produce untill the fabric runs out. 



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