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The bra's have an easy fit - adjustable back straps and flexible cups adjusts to your shapes. Pick the size following the guide below to have the best match.

65 * * * * * *
80 S+ M+ L+ XL+ XXL+
85 S++ M++ L++ XL++ XXL++

The left column is the underbust width. Find yours by measuring just under your bust, lying straight across your back (it shouldn't cut into your skin). Pick the cup size that you usually wear.

This is how the adjustable straps work:

*For underbust size 65 you can order the normal cup size (S for example). Leave a comment in the note section when checking out with 'underbust 65' and we'll adjust the back strap to this.

Any doubts? We are happy to help you further. Send an email to and we get back to you within 48 hours.


Fitting tips

Put on the bra
Remove the back strap(s) on one side. Put your arms through the arm openings (shoulders straps) of the bra. Close the back strap(s) again. 

Pre-shaped cups
Roll the cup like a pancake and keep it in this shape while bringing it into the small whole in the bottom of the cup of your bra. Let go of the cup when you reached the top of the inside of the bra, it will unfold itself. Pull it out softly through the whole in the cup of the bra to remove it. 

Blossom back
If you want to change your straps to the Blossom back, that's possible for all bra types with 1 back strap. Remove the normal straps from the bra. Put on the Blossom back with the hooks with the sliders on the front of the bra. Now you can just put on the bra including the back at one time (take it over your head) and use the closing the same way as described above. 

Too tight/loose
The bra including the closing on the back should be in a straight line on the underbust in order to provide good support. When the back is higher than the front, this means it is too loose. Try to make the closing on the back smaller or ask us for a smaller closing.
When the underbust band gives you a feeling of being a bit squeezed, it is too tight. Try to make the back closing looser, or ask us for a larger closing strap. 

Extra strap service
Are your back straps too loose/tight? Or lost some straps in the laundry? As long as they are removable, you can request extra smaller/larger closing straps for free (within EU), just send us a message (

Personal sizing advise
We are always happy to give you personal sizing advise. Are you not sure about the shape of the cups, the underbust band or anything else? Just send us a message ( and feel free to include pictures to explain (we'll handle this with care and discreet).