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Become a Savara Sister

'Only thing more powerful than a confident woman is an army of them'

Savara means glowing from within. We believe every woman can decide to follow her own, authentic course of life. We embrace women that are empowered and fully awake; knowing what they want, go for it and make it happen, while staying calm and kind.


savara sisters

This great energy is what we're sharing in our community. We hope their stories and images have inspired you. Soon, all women you see on our website and socials are from our Savara Sister community.   

We are always looking for new Savara Sisters. You're more than welcome to join for:

  • Receiving encouraging, inspiring stories in your mail once a month
  • Sharing your authentic story with us for our blog, socials or monthly Savara Sisters newsletter
  • Become one of our models for a day- all shapes & shades are welcome (or do a shoot at home outside NL)
  • Any idea to inspire or support our fellow sisters

If you feel positive vibes within you while reading this, sign up at the footer of this page. We'll place opportunities as listed above in our newsletter.