Our lingerie production in Latvia

Our lingerie is made with a lot of care in Latvia (the fall 2020 collection and later). It's made in a family atelier, run by highly talented and skilled women. It's a small team, taking care of the complete lingerie production. The atelier is specialized in lingerie for 20 years already and the knowledge and incredible skills are the result of multiple generations working in the atelier. 

Ethical production
Everyone in the team is working according to the European labor legislation, in which work safety and fair compensation are among others important. We love to include the talented team in the creation process in order to obtain the best quality but also high work satisfaction for everyone. We have regular contact in times of production (multiple times a week). Besides talking about business, we're involved with the people and even though they are located in a different country, they feel like family to us. Regularly we receive some nice work in progress updates, like these ones:
lingerie production savara intimates    
The materials used for the production are as much as possible sourced in the same village in Latvia, to make sure the transport of the components is minimal. The atelier works with a zero-waste method, using every tiny inch of fabric and elastic to make sure we produce minimal waste. 
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