Taboo Talking: #Nobraday & breast cancer

The 13th of October is the official no bra day. It's a day to raise awareness around breast cancer. Time to talk about this a bit more in our Taboo Talking stories. 

#Nobraday explained

Women that recovered from breast cancer are often depending on wearing a prothesis to hide the fact that they're missing one or two breasts. And in order to wear the prothesis, it's impossible to wear no bra. That's why #nobraday is introduced, in order to raise awareness. 

How to check yours?

Checking your breasts can be crucial to detect breast cancer. You can check your breasts actually very simple. Here's how to identify unusual lumps and changes:

1. Pick the same time each month.⠀
2. Examine your breasts in front of the mirror⠀
3. Also, feel for unusual changes in the shower⠀
4. Repeat self exam lying down⠀

Picture by Paige Previor
For more information, check this very helpful page of the breasties about self- examination here

Be inspired, be aware

To raise awareness, we're encourage you to check out these strong women that share their breast cancer journey.  



Together we can raise awareness around breast cancer and the struggle that comes with it. During the whole month October 2020, we're donating €1 for every item sold in our shop to Pink Ribbon to support research. Check the collection here
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