Taboo Talking: The gravity around breasts

Let's talk about breasts. While we can all pretend that breast don't sag, the truth is, they just do. And it that a problem? We don't think so. Here's why.

Sagging breasts are natural

It's completely natural to have breasts that lower their point of view over time. All though we've been conditioned by old beauty standards and we might not see dropping breasts often online or in the media, it's a normal proces we all go through. Some girls experience their breast sagging from the moment their breasts are growing, other might start noticing this in their thirties-forties. 

Why are my breasts sagging

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What is causing breasts to drop?

The most common cause of breast sagging is the loss of elasticity and strength in the skin due to aging (and gravity!). And as you know, we can't prevent becoming older or solve the problem of gravity. However, there are a few things that can speed up the process of breast sagging:

  • Everything that speeds up the aging process of your skin, like smoking, exposing your skin to the sun without protection
  • Crash dieting. Your breasts work like a balloon; it stretches out when you gain weight, but when you loose weight it deflates, shrinks and sag
 So if you're taking care of your yourself and your health, you can avoid the 2 accelerators.

MYTH: Wearing a bra prevent your breasts from sagging. This is never proven. A bra holds up your breasts to give it the shape and look you want, but it can't prevent further sagging, as this is caused by age and gravity. 

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Should we be worried about breast sagging?

NOT AT ALL. Unless you know how to become immune for the force of gravity, it will happen anyway. However, we do have a magical fix that we're all capable of. We can change the way we look at sagging breasts. They are actually beautiful and unique. In the end, all breasts are different, so instead of trying to look like the a photoshopped ideal, let's celebrate our differences and authenticity. 
Breast sagging acceptance


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