Supporting each other

The only thing more powerful than a confident woman is an army of them.

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Let's talk about the magic that's created when we support each other. Good vibes will be all around you and the other women, so here are a few tips on how to do it:⁣

- Give other women a voice. Ever been in a meeting where a woman said something and the conversation continues like no one noticed a thing? This is your time to step up. Say something like: 'Let's go back to what she said. I think that's an interesting thought' 
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- Give back to young girls. Tell her she's beautiful, brilliant and capable of anything. It's working in two ways; you probably make her day and you're becoming more positive about yourself as well. 

- Invite other women to (virtual) events. Even if your invitation is turned down, it's a gesture of appreciation and involvement

- When others talk negatively about someone, ignore it and replace it with positive points. You will instantly feel the conversation shift towards the positive side, as it feels quite embarrassing for the others that you don't agree with their negative thoughts

- Enable each other; create jobs, opportunities, share knowledge whenever possible. True inspirators; Beyoncé and Oprah, creating consciously jobs for people who are talented but not recognized for their brilliance. These women build on enabling others. It obviously doesn't have to be this big, small enabling acts do the work as well

- Celebrate others' success. Ever felt jealous or suspicious because someone around you is very successful? It's time to focus on the best version of yourself, cultivating love and kindness. No need to compare yourself, as you're 100% different and no way you're path is going to be the same. Let jealousy go and celebrate instead

Of course, you can apply this for everyone around you, men and women.
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