Reensina's story: abuse and mental health

We enormously admire people that show the strength to turn their own struggles into something they can help others with. Today's story is Reensina's, who we consider to be one of those people. She even makes her own lingerie!


I generally feel very insecure, and have struggled with mental health a lot, which is why I find it important that not only normal bodies, but also things like mental health issues are being normalized as a part of life. As a little girl, I was sexually abused, which has had a huge effect on my development regarding my self-image, intimacy and sexuality. It made it difficult for me to see myself in a positive way.

Last year I pressed charges and the entire judicial process that followed was extremely tough. You have three judges in front of you in court, the offender is there as well... I feel like people are encouraged to press charges a lot, however when they have done so there's a lack of support. My offender was found guilty but was given no sentence whatsoever. It made me think 'why go through that traumatic process for it to end like that? Was it worth it?'

I want to spread awareness about that, so I decided to make a podcast about the process and specifically my experience with it, so that there will be more acknowledgement and hopefully more recognition as well. For women, for children, for any victims of sexual abuse that decide to press charges. I absolutely don't want to discourage anyone, but I do want to give an honest account of what it's like. You are not alone, but the process will be tough. Even though it scares me, I also hope that by telling my story to the microphone, even just for myself, it will help me process my past and find some healing.  

I would like to say to other women that you are allowed to love yourself, every bit, even your flaws. Lingerie plays a big part in that for me, since it can give you a confidence boost and make you feel feminine without anybody seeing it. Even just wearing it for yourself in the bedroom, it can help to make you see your own beauty and to really love and accept yourself.

We are very grateful for Reensina sharing her story with us. Check her Instagram @reensinamaryana to connect and follow her journey. Over the next weeks, we're sharing more stories behind other women. In the meantime, have you read our previous blog post about our perfectly normal beauty campaign yet? 

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