Happy Singles Day

11.11 is Singles Day. This day is introduced to 'cure' the feeling of being lonely as a single by go shopping (coincidently introduced by Alibaba).

Well.. we think it's time to reshape that thought. 

Picture credits @alexmichaelmay

Here's what being single really means:⁣
  • You're fully capable to take care of yourself and solve your own problems⁣
  • You're really sleeping better - no snoring and sleeping without blanket⁣
  • You've more time for friendships - singles tend to have a whole group of cheerleaders around them⁣
  • You can make your own schedule⁣
  • You're more open to whatever comes your way⁣

So, let's be happy single for once and for all.

No need to fix anything.
Enjoy your day sis❤️

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