Taboo talking: Body hair

Shaving, waxing, epilating, lasering, how do you do it? Seems like the options of women hair removal is growing every day. So why is this so relevant nowadays? How did women remove their hair centuries ago when these options weren't available?


Picture by @hara_thelabel


Well, women didn't remove their body hair centuries ago. There was simply no reason to do it. Nowadays, commercial organizations discovered it's very attractive to market hair removal products as feminine, attractive and the only way to be a real female in order to sell more of their stuff. Result: the way society looks at female body hair completely shifted, leaving many women determined to avoid any body hair exposure at any time. 

Interesting enough, when we asked women how they perceive their body hair, mostly they are not bothered with it. They are just terrified that other people would judge them.

Wow, time to look at this from another perspective. Half of the world population is women. What if we would change our view towards female body hair? We wouldn't have to judge each other, can do with our body hair whatever we want (show it, weave, color or glitter it) and maybe even accept it once and for all. Sound liberating right? 


Picture by @bodyhairloveaffair


Here are some tips:

  • Try a body hair acceptance period (for example during a lockdown) to become comfortable without the confrontation with others. Self acceptance is key, afterwards you can rule the world.
  • Team up with a female friend or family member and make it a contest to grow as much body hair as possible. Share pictures and encourage each other. You're probably amazed with the amount of hair your body that is growing every month!
  • Compliment others when you see them showing off their body hair: 'You look natural, stunning and so you! Promise me to never change this again unless you do it for you.'

Let's do this girls. 


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