Taboo Talking: Nipples

Big, small, pointy, flat, dark, light, leaking, we're sure about one thing. All nipples are different. Female nipples actually are a sensitive topic (figuratively and literally) and that's exactly why we're discussing it.


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Picture @paeulini on Instagram

Whenever female nipples are visible on a picture on social media like Instagram and Facebook, these platforms immediately delete the picture as it's seen as inappropriate. Funny thing, when you photoshop male nipples on the same picture, it can stay. Luckily there are some powerful women standing up:

body positivity nipples savara intimates

Picture @stabil_stabiler_djamila at Instagram


Sad thing that the social media made us think nudity is a way for gain likes or followers. Or to be ashamed of to show that you got. Women have to hide nipples and men can show off. And this isn't between man en woman but what society does with it. I feel free in my own body and I like it! With some pics I'm insecure too and think maybe they're too offensive. But I love who I am and love my Body. I like to share it if you like it or now. That's not the target at all.'

The hashtag #freethenipple collects pictures like this, to encourage women to speak up, feel comfortable with the kind of nipples they have and show them off. Currently there are over 4 Million pictures supporting this movement. When women team up, incredible things happen. 

Brilliant initiatives started, among others this female empowering entrepreneur:

body positivity freethenipples

Picture @potyertitsawayluv at Instagram.

The point is, every single nipple is different. The shape (round, pointy, flat), the position (low, side, middle), the size (small, medium or covering most of your breasts) is different for each or us. Let's encourage each other to feel comfortable with yours. 

Body positivity nipples savara intimates

Artist: Stella Maria Baer 

When it comes to bra's, we slowly see a shift happening. 10 years ago, shaped cups (and push up) were very populair, while we see a trend towards a more natural look and shape nowadays. See? We're ready for a nipple revolution. Do you feel ready to show off yours? Wear the bra without pre-shaped cups? You go girl.


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