Period Power

Periods can be powerful.

We know, they can be powerful in a bad way, but especially in a good way. They work like seasons. Being aware of your cycle and anticipating on this can make a HUGE difference in your life. We've been reading the book 'Period Power' of Maisie Hill and this is a true eye opener (for natural cycles without hormonal anticonception). 

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Your cycle is an indicator of your overal health and mood shifts might be easily explained by the seasons.

Time of menstruation. This is the perfect moment for me-time, cancel plans that take much of your energy, make sure you get enough sleep and healthy food so you can recharge. Lack of recharge here will hit you in the end of Summer and Autumn.⁣

Pre-ovulation phase. Your Beyonce hormons (oestrogen) are peaking. Feeling feminine, inspired and sparkling. Great time to meet new people, plan a first date or try something new.⁣

Around ovulation time. Energy peaks and in this phase, you can feel like you can move mountains. Enjoy it!⁣

Pre-menstruation. You can see bears on the road and might easily be irritated as hormone levels drop slowly. Not the best time for making big changes or having a hangover. Good time for activities like planning, review or organize.⁣

In an average cycle of 28 days, all seasons usually take one week but it can differ significantly for each of us. How you're experiencing each phase can also differ (the information above is generally speaking when you're cyclus is working healthy). You can easily track your cycle by checking your body temperature in the morning. Winter and spring give low temperatures and after ovulation it'll rise significantly (and then drops again in the winter).⁣

Time to get your cycle working for you!
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