Pretty Different: The beauty of vitiligo

Photographer Elisabeth van Aalderen discovered some spots on her hands a few years ago, when she was 25 years old. These small spots slowly became a big spot.
'When I first discovered a white spot, i felt devastated, alone, different. Luckily with many years passing, I learned to love the skin I’m in, and trying to see the beauty for being your unique self. This photo project is to celebrate that.'
Inspired by her own experiences, she now captures other women with vitiligo. She's spreading awareness and celebrates the beauty of the condition with the serie 'Shades of Pale'Worldwide, between 0,5% and 1% of the population is affected by vitiligo. 

'Vitiligo is powerful; it makes you stand out and you should embrace this uniqueness'. 

It helps breaking boundaries en encourage women to be their authentic selves. We feel incredibly inspired by this mindset and visuals. Check a selection of the beautiful pictures below. 

Vitiligo beauty photography

'She couldn’t wear her spots with more pride. Such an inspiring woman'

Vitiligo beauty photography


Vitiligo beauty photography


vitiligo beauty captured


vitiligo beauty photography

All pictures are made by Elisabeth van Aalderen. Check her complete serie 'Shades of Pale' here.

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